Baker’s Dozen Beer Run – Itʼs Your Half Marathon!

The Bakerʼs Dozen Beer Run is a half marathon thru the streets of Marshall.  We wanted to incorporate our two favorite Marshall establishments; Louieʼs Bakery and The Dark Horse.

Run it, walk it, ride it, get a relay team or partner.  We donʼt care, itʼs your half marathon!!!  We just want your participation!  For your efforts, you will get some beer, donuts, and a commemorative t-shirt.

No charities, no sponsors, no point.

Like what youʼve heard, then give us your money!

If you are ready to put your money where your mouth is, click the link below to send your $15 and information. Each individual participant must register individually even if you are relaying with others.  This on-line payment is your only way to register as we will not be taking registration on the day of.  The registration deadline is August 15th so we can order our amazing shirts - Register Here!

We are looking for people who want to participate but donʼt want to run or bike to assist at water stations, start line, and end line.  If you are interested, please click hereand include what help youʼd like to offer, your name, email, and phone.

Find out more about Baker's Dozen Beer Run here!

All media taken with permission of Baker's Dozen Beer Run

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