Community Building – Obstacle Course Style

It’s that time of year again – when we start focusing our marketing on the Laguna Lake Mud Mash. I love this event passionately, though when Yishai first proposed it (long before the concept of an obstacle course mud run was hip), I didn’t “get it.”

And then when I was like, “What the hell, let’s do it,” I still didn’t get it.

It wasn’t until I was chest-deep in warm, lake water, my feet squishing in the soft ground of the lagoon, holding my loppers above my head, about to make a reed maze, that I got it. It’s frickin’ awesome.

I love watching people find that out, too. How they teeter on the edge of the mud pit, then go for it, and squeal. I love how Chris, our emcee, makes them stretch and do silly things – and they do – because they’ve already come ready for this.

This event is about sloughing off all the adult trapping of life and just going for it. You’re getting dirty. You’ll get hurt a little from scrapes and tripping or whatever . . . but you’re back to the time when you were a little kid and your mom was just gonna do your laundry after a scolding. No mom this time, but no scolding, either. Instead, you get a beer.

So excited.

So, this year, we’ve got two big changes, along with a bunch of small improvements.

1. Two days. We hit capacity of the park last year so we’re spreading it out so we can let growth happen. It’s capped, and it will probably fill. That’s awesome.

2. Industry competition. This hit me last year when people formed teams and noticed competitors did – and then when they beat each other, it was a major point of pride.  So, I thought, let’s take this to the community and encourage more of that. It has nothing to do with how awesome your business is – it has to do with how awesome your people are. So, five person teams, $500, overall weekend competition. Bragging rights for the year and a trophy to prove it. Sounds like a good time to me!

So, yeah, really excited. Can’t wait to see ya’ll out there, costumed or not, giggling with glee.

And hey, quit stealing our inflatable alligators! They’re our friends all year long!

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All media taken with permission of All Out Events

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