Mud Run Training: Essential Race Gear

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Recommended equipment for mud runs and adventure races to help with your mud run training

Drink Up

Grabbing Gatorades from race groupies is a thing of the past! Liquify your layers with a hydrating jersey courtesy of Camelbak. A “hydropouch” in the shirt provides ample agua for the muddiest of mud runs. Camelbak; $100

Common Sense of Direction

Your fancy shmancy iPhone can help you navigate the West Village, but that map function is useless when you're racing a course. Batteries fail, signals drop and screens get smashed – which is why you need the Eclipse Adventure Racing Compass from Brunton to guide your way through adventure race journeys. The Eclipse Adventure Race Compass; $25-$30

Good IDea

If your hearts takes a cigarette break after that fourth wall climb, the EMT is going to want to know your vitals ASAP! So save them the horrors of calling your family for the details with Road ID, which provides emergency contact info, blood type or whatever pertinent info you’d like the experts to know before they stab you with needles! Road ID; Starting at $15

Content Brought to you by Blood Sweat and Cheers

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