The New York Adventure Racing Association

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Scientific fact that we just invented: Once you’ve done one fun run, adventure race, or mud run you want to do another.

But if you’re looking for like-minded race addicts in a typical running club focused on road work and (sigh) jogging, it can be tough to recruit partners. So for those looking for a cadre of friendly faces ready to get a little muddy, there’s the New York Adventure Racing Association.

A non-profit organization serving adventure-racing junkies in the northeast, NYARA invites all athletes to join, from casual participants to top competitors who scarf three protein shakes per day.

Members run and train for adventure races together, host training clinics, help promote events, and share racing tips.

In addition to being great evangelists for this burgeoning sport, the NYARA even host races! From 3-12 hour Sprint races to multi-day Expedition races — NYARA has something for everyone.

And that’s a fact … probably.

NYARA; $40 for year-long membership; Race entry fees vary

Content Brought to you by Blood Sweat and Cheers

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